About Us

What is the Female Fight Club?

Female Fight Club is a fitness club that aims for self-empowerment, strength development, self-healing, and the adoption of positive behavioral changes in women through exercise.

What are we fighting for?

The founder of Female Fight Club truly believes that exercise becomes more impactful and effective if combined with positive emotion. Every time a woman exercises, she should feel a sense of unity, equality, and the ability to protect her mind and live a stronger life.


Since its establishment, the Female Fight Club has been striving hard to improve the mental and physical health of women through exercise.

Our mission is for women to be stronger- mentally and physically. We encourage women to learn self-love and self-care by exercising and getting out of their comfort zones.

What was the inspiration behind Female Fight Club?

The global spread of Covid-19 and the closure of fitness centers left women with few options and safe places to get out of the house and exercise. A group of friends, led by community leader Johanna, decided to find a place to continue their fitness journey. They chose Van Cortlandt Park to perform their daily workouts.

What better place than a park to heal a mind and body?

They began working out in the park. It started small, but it didn’t take long for other people and groups to notice the club. The more women who joined, the more motivated Johanna became.

 As a result of Johanna’s determination, the support of her friends, and the increasing number of people joining, Female Fight Club was born. 

We provide a comfortable and safe environment for women to exercise without feeling self-conscious or intimidated. We also offer a sense of community and support, as well as specialized training programs tailored to women’s unique fitness needs and goals. Recognizing the importance of self-care within a supportive community, aiming to empower women through fitness. We believe that investing in women’s health will have a profound and long-lasting impact on the overall well-being of our community. Read more about us here. 

If you would like to join the club, check out our membership options and schedule.

To donate to our cause please click here to support The Female Fight Club Foundation, our non-profit program whose mission is to enhance the well-being of the Community’s women who are most in need by providing complimentary classes such as self-defense, nutritional training, outdoor activities, financial literacy, domestic violence prevention, breast cancer awareness, ovarian cancer prevention, and teen support; while ensuring the accessibility and affordability of our fitness club for women in our community. In light of the increasing cost of living, it is crucial for us to maintain affordable prices so that members of FFC can consistently prioritize their physical and mental health.  To learn more about the foundation click here.