About Us

What is the Female Fight Club?

Female Fight Club is a non-profit fitness club that aims for self-empowerment, strength development, self-healing, and adoption of positive behavioral changes in women through exercise.

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What are you fighting for?

The founder of Female Fight Club, Johanna Edmondson, truly believes that an exercise becomes more impactful and effective if combined with a positive emotion.


She wishes that every time a woman exercises, she should feel a sense of unity, equality and should be able to protect her mind and body to live a stronger life.


Whether it’s Yoga, Cardio, Zumba, or Pilates, it’s crucial to feel strong, optimistic, empowered and motivated.


Since its establishment, the Female Fight Club has been striving hard to improve mental and physical health of women with the help of exercise. Johanna genuinely wishes that women should be stronger mentally and physically. She encourages women to learn self-love and self-care by exercising and getting out of their comfort zones.


What was the inspiration behind Female Fight Club?

After the global spread of Covid-19 and the closure of 24 Hours Fitness, the previous spot to exercise, Johanna Edmondson felt the need of getting out of her house again.

She, along with a group of friends decided to find a place where they can continue their mission. They chose Van Cortlandt Park to perform their daily workouts.

What can be a better place than a park to heal a mind and body?

They began working out in the park. Although it started small, it didn’t take longer for other people and groups to notice this club. The more women joined, the more motivated Johanna became.

As a result of Johanna’s determination, the support of her friends, and the increasing number of people joining the club paved the way for the establishment of Female Fight Club. 

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